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Seeing my awestruck face both the ladies burst into laughter. I too was amazed and I too laughed with the ladies.

Viji : Did you like it ?

Me : Oh wonderful madam, are you serious that I have to wear this tomorrow in front of all the ladies ?

Viji : Ofcourse, my dear wonderful slave. Are you not my slave, my dear Nikhil ?

Me : Ofcourse Mam, I am your slave. There is not even a little bit of doubt in it.

Viji : Oh my dear Nikhil, I love you. I love you my dear slave.

Rekha : Vij, we are soooo lucky to have found this boy. He is indeed a very nice boy, he’s our pride possession.

Viji : Yes Reki, I feel proud of my Nikhil.

Viji : Nikhil, by now you may have figured what is your job tomorrow. You will be wearing this ***** cloth. I will take you to the hall after all the guests arrive, it will a surprise for all the ladies, I will tell you tomorrow that how I will take you to the hall.

Viji : Then you will have to obey what all the ladies tell you to do and you have to tolerate what ever they do. Like they might pat your bum and pull you cock and things like that, you will have to tolerate all the things and do all the things the ladies demand from you. Will you do it for my sake ?

Me : Of course Madam, now I know clearly what the party is all about. You are my master, I am your slave and in the party I will be like a play toy for the ladies, I will be like a sex slave for the guests. Is it not madam ?

Viji : you guessed it right Nikhil. Will you do it ?

Me : Without any doubt Madam. I would love to be the toy tomorrow. I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s party.

Rekha came out of the cot and hugged me. She gave me a kiss on my cheeks. She said “you are awesome, Nikhil”. Seeing her, Viji too came towards me and she too gave me a tight hug.

Viji : Nikhil, if you pass in tomorrow’s test, you will be a permanent member of this house and you will also get good rewards. I am sure, you will love those rewards.

Me : What is the reward Mam ?

Viji : I will not tell it now, you will come to know later.

Me : OK Madam.

While both the ladies slipped into the bed hugging each other, I switched off the lights and returned to my room and went to sleep.

Next day morning, I was so eager about the party, I got up early, took bath and was fresh & ready. The ladies got up and they too got ready swiftly. I was busy arranging the extra sofa and tea tables in the hall. Viji mam called me to her room. The ladies were busy applying cream and talc on all parts of their body. Both were completely nude.

Viji : Nikhil, me and Reki decided how we are going to introduce you to the guests. It will be like, I will tie a chain around your neck like a dog and as I hold the chain and walk in front, you will come behind me crawling like a dog. OK ?

Me : That is a fantastic idea madam. I like it.

Viji : You will wear the thong that I gave you yesterday and we have decided to add one more accessory to you. Take this.

This was another awestruck moment for me. She gave me this butt plug.

Rekha told me that I have to insert this butt plug into my Ass.

Both the ladies decided between themselves that they will try it on me immediately and see how it looked on me.
Viji : Come on Nikhil, remove your underwear.

I was shocked at hearing this. But this is all what i wanted. I removed my Burmuda and my underwear also. My dick sprang out of my underwear like a springboard. Rekha told me to bend back and show my ass hole. I turned back and bend as if a women lends her ass to her husband in a doggy style position. Viji brought some oil and applied it on my ass hole. I was so thrilled at this moment. Viji touched my ass hole and applied the oil with her hands. Just as i was experiencing the thrilling moment, suddenly there was a shocker moment for me, I experienced the most paining moment which so far i had not experienced. The ladies inserted the butt plug into my ass. It was very paining. After it was inserted, the ladies ordered me to crawl like a dog. I did and showed it to them. They were very thrilled and happy.

Rekha : Nikhil, you look awesome.

Me : Thank you madam. I will do anything for you.

Viji : are you enjoying these things or whether you are experiencing any kind of embarrassment for you.

Me : No madam, i am loving all these moments. I am enjoying it. This is what I was craving for. I like to be treated like this.

Viji : Nikhil you are my lover slave boy. I love you so much.

Viji : OK Nikhil, you wear the two items and be ready in your room. Don’t come out. Soon the guests will be arriving, after arrival of all the guests, I will come to your room and bring you out.

I told OK madam and headed to my room. By this time, Rekha had put on her dress for the day’s party. Her body was 90% open and covered by cloth only 10%. She was wearing a smallest of the small top which had a thin strap and the top barely covered her boobs. There was no bra inside. The bottom portion of her huge breasts were clearly visible. And for bottom she wore a very tight leather skirt which barely covered her butts. The skirt was barely 6-8 inches, when she turned around, 1/4th of her bums were visible and no panty inside. Then I turned around to see madam was putting her dress, she inserted her head and arms into the dress and pulled down the dress from top to bottom. The dress seemed to be a long one which would cover her till her knees. At this moment I was wondering that, while Rekha had dressed up in such a sexy mini dress, why was madam putting on such a long dress ? Suddenly when she pulled down the dress entirely, I was shocked, the dress of course was covering till her knees, but on the top, the entire area covering here breasts was totally transparent. It was just like a net. The dress was soooo sexy, her boobs were visible almost 50 % in the transparent area. Then while I was seeing her with my mouth wide open, she asked me “How is this dress Nikhil, is it nice ?” I told, “Super Madam” then she told “How is this ?” and she turned around. I could not believe what I saw, I was about to faint. The dress was fully covering her entire back from top to bottom but it had a huge hole in heart shape, exactly at her buttocks place. Her awesome ass was fully nude in that hole. My god, I could not believe this. I was standing there speechless with my eyes struck at the sight of her buttocks.

Viji : Hello my dear, wake up, tell me how is the dress ?

Rekha was laughing loudly.

Me : I am awestruck Madam. This is the most sexiest dress on this earth and you are the most beautiful women on this earth.

Viji : Oh, my boy, thank you so much. Now, you go to your room and be ready.

While I was entering my room, the door bell rang. I think the guests started to arrive. I went into my room, applied deodorant on my entire body and then put on the ***** dress and was sitting on the cot nervously.
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