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Stripping For My Nephew-1

I slid my hands over my skinny toned stomach as I smoothly put my slinky black bra over my round D cup breasts. My nipples were still erect from my performance.

I slid on a white wool sweater and tied my silky blond hair into a loose bun.

I pulled out the last of the bills that were stuck in the waistline of my thong and organized them in a neat pile before putting them into my bag.

“How’s the crowd tonight Carly?”

“Not bad Stacy, a few horny businessmen but I’m afraid I milked them for everything they have hun.” I winked as I looked up at the familiar face of Stacy, a stripper who was about to start her nightly shift.

She laughed

“You would you whore!”

I laughed

“Don’t worry Stace, I’m thinking about retiring soon, I’m almost 27 now, it might be time for me to find a real job.”

“A real job? Carls you pull in more stripping then most women see in their lives!”

“Hmm, you ARE right about that.” I giggled

She laughed

“Oh Carly, this job has gotten a lot less fun since you’ve taken the matinee shift, when you switching back?”

“Oh just a couple weeks more I think; My sister is going through a pretty ugly divorce, she asked me to take care of her kid for a couple of weeks while they get all their paperwork figured out.”

She replied

“Hmm, and your sister is alright with leaving her kid with a stripper.”

“I don’t know about a stripper, but she’s alright with leaving her son with his loving Aunt, which is what I am. I’ve always loved that kid as if he was my son; and my sister knows that” I explained

She smiled back, seemingly accepting my explanation. She continued

“Well it’s about show time, I got to get going, come back ASAP I miss you, and by the way the tips are a lot better this time of night.” She laughed

“Alright bye Stace.”

She walked past me and towards the stage. I put on a comfortable pair of jeans as I heard an emphatic cheer coming from the drunks in the audience.

One of the bouncers accompanied me past some “over enthused fans” and walked me to my Chrysler 300.

“Have a goodnight Carls.”
“Thanks Steve, you too.”

I drove off into the night and made my way home.

I pulled into my driveway. I reached into the car drawer and sprayed myself with some perfume in an attempt to get the smell of smoke and liquor out of my clothes.

I opened the door.

“Tyler I’m home hun”

“Oh hey Auntie.” He yelled from upstairs

“Task, so you’ve gotten too old to give your Aunt Carly a hug have you?”

“Um, no ha-ha, I’ll be down in a second.”

I heard a locked door jiggling open as he slowly made his way downstairs; cheeks flustered. He gave me a hug. To my surprise I found something hard poking my right leg. His attempt to hide his boner by pitching it up in his waistband apparently failed as it slid back down.

I didn’t want to embarrass him as I casually walked away into the kitchen with my back to him; giving him time to pitch it back up.

“So how was your day Sweetie?” I asked

“Oh um not bad, kind of boring; another long hot summer day, how about you, how was the office?”

“Can’t complain, I’m really tired though, I’m going to catch a shower.”

I made my way up the stairs. A thousand thoughts were rushing through my mind. My 18 year old nephew had obviously just been masturbating. It’s alright I guess it’s natural at his age, still it was weird, I had known Tyler since he was a baby and it was hard to think of him getting old so fast.

I entered the bathroom.

Tyler masturbating didn’t bother me, what really bothered me was the fact that I had to lie to him every night I came home from “the office”. I hated lying in general, but something about lying to my beloved nephew who was going through what he was going at this time just ate me up inside.

I let my blonde hair loose and looked into the mirror. The once innocent 16 year old girl in me was gone. Still the same radiant golden tan skin, still the same sharp model-sequel features, still the same wide green eyes but instead of hope of a perfect world like they once were; they were now filled with the crushing truth that is reality.

I stripped off my sweater and bra; revealing my round breasts. I lifted them up one by one, inspecting them in the mirror; at 27 years old they still had great bounce. I stepped out of my jeans and slipped my thong off.

My grazed my hands down my skinny toned stomach and over my butt down to my long sleek legs.

If it wasn’t for these features I probably would be out on the street right now; they helped me make a comfortable living, and for that I was very thankful.

I was thankful to my parents for giving me these looks but that’s about it.

My parents were very “traditional” folk, once they found out about my sister Paige’s teenage pregnancy they kicked her out without asking any questions.

I was torn, stay with my parents in a loveless house, or go with my sister, my best friend, in her time of need.

Obviously I decided on the latter. We were soon desperate for cash.

Jake, 21, my sisters ex husband and Tyler’s father, finished a course and started up a career in welding.

My sister, 18, and I, 16, made money the only way two diploma-less teenagers could. Stripping.

We did it every night with the exception of Paige taking 4 months (2 before and 2 after) Tyler was born.

The crowds loved us. They called us the “Stripping sisters”; we quickly became the main attractions at one of the hottest strip joints in town. I can’t say it was bad though, but to 2 young women like us, the rush was overwhelming.

Over the years Jake’s career took off, Jake and Paige put down a down payment on a house. I lived with them for 2 years. Paige and I would take turns caring for Tyler while the other was at the club.

Paige soon grew tired of stripping, she decided to quit and put herself out there for a more legitimate job. Because of her looks she got a job as a secretary for a doctor across town.

She begged me to do the same; I considered quitting but could never do it.

Yea the money in stripping was great, I made twice as much as Paige did, but more than that it was the rush of performing in front of an audience. Paige never felt the rush, I lived for it.

I stepped into a hot shower and didn’t get out until the hot water tapped out.

I put on a silky red robe. I put my panties and bra in the hamper, I hung up my sweater and jeans, and kissed Tyler goodnight.

I collapsed on my bed, tired from the long day of dancing. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and looked at the clock

10:30 am

Normally I wouldn’t even be thinking about getting up for at least another hour but I knew I had to start up on breakfast for Tyler.

I walked into his room.

I shook his shoulder trying to get him up.

Then I remembered what always used to work.

I counted to three and on three I lifted his blanket up off him.

When I did it this time I was in for a surprise.

Tyler had a rock hard erection pushing against his pajama pants. I thought to myself, oh yeah this is about the age of “morning wood”.

Tyler groaned as he groggily got up, once again I pretended not to notice.

“Brush your teeth sleepyhead, breakfast will be ready in 10.” I said as I walked downstairs to the kitchen.

I got started on the eggs for breakfast.

He came downstairs. “How do you want your eggs Tyler?”

“Scrambled please”

“You got it boss.” I joked

“ha-ha thanks Auntie.” He laughed back

The eggs were ready; I put them on a plate and served it to Tyler. I bent down as I placed the plate on the table.

He didn’t respond back. I looked at his eyes; they were fixed on my chest. I looked down, no wonder he was looking! My robe had slipped; exposing such deep cleavage that my nipples were almost showing!

Again I didn’t want to embarrass him; I slowly stood up right and casually adjusted my robe. He snapped out of his trance as he started slowly eating.

I started washing the dishes. My mind really wasn’t on suds though; it was on what just occurred.

There was a battle within me

on one side I thought it was wrong, he shouldn’t think of his auntie as a sexual being. On the other hand I knew it was completely natural for a boy going through puberty to check out women around him.

Either way I was uncomfortable.

At least I think I was uncomfortable

Maybe uncomfortable, or nervous, or maybe a little excited.

Maybe I was over reacting, maybe he wasn’t looking at me at all, maybe he simply zoned out. I decided I had to investigate.

Reluctantly I loosened my robe again. I sat at the seat beside Tyler. I stuck my chest out; exposing my deep cleavage. I looked straight down at my plate as I began eating. Out of my peripherals I could see Tyler.

He was definitely gazing at my chest. The fork was so loose in his finger tips it I thought it would fall at any time.

I would look at him; he would quickly look down at his plate, but when I started eating he would surely start checking me out again. I had seen all that I needed to see, but I couldn’t bring myself to fix my robe.

Oh god what’s wrong with me. This is my 13 year old nephew, and I am his Aunt, what kind of Aunt reveals herself willingly to her nephew?

Wait, it must be because I feel sorry for him, right?

I mean this k** is going through hell with his parent’s divorce, as an Aunt I should do anything to make him feel better.

Good, that is a good reason.

Satisfied with my reasoning, I continued playing my game.

Once we finished eating I got up. His eyes followed my chest. I took my plate, walked behind him and leaned forward to pick his plate up; my breasts pressed against his head, once again I saw his rock hard dick pushing against his pants.
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